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04.07.13 11:49

За да отворите полето за писане ,натиснете Ctrl+Shift+C eдновременно.

- klapaucius: adds 1000 Simoleans (If you used the patch or run expansion packs, enter rosebud). If you want more than 1000 Simoleans at once, enter !;!;!;!;!;!;! etc. after klapaucius/rosebud. Each !; represents an additional 1000 Simoleans. If you enter 1 at the end of this cheat command, the command prompt stays open after pressing enter (the cheat will appear to fail but you will still get the money).

- water_tool: enable water tool

- move_objects on/off: move all objects including Sims (example “move_objects on″)

- house X (where X is the house number): immediately load a house

- interests: display personalities and interests

- draw_all_frames on/off: draw all animation frames

- draw_floorable on/off: floorable grid

- map_edit on/off: toggle map editor

- preview_anims on/off: toggle preview animations

- tile_info: see programmer statistics

- quit: end game

- rotation (0 to 3): rotate camera (example “rotation 3“)

- route_balloons on/off: toggle routing debug balloons

- history: save the family history

- draw_routes on/off: display the selected person’s paths

- autonomy (1 to 100): set free thinking level

- edit_grass (number): set the grass change value

- set_hour (1 to 24): set the time of day (example “set_hour 8“)

- sim_log begin/end: start/end sim logging

- sweep on/off: toggle ticks

- tile_info on/off: toggle tile information

- sim_speed (-1000 to 1000): set sim speed

- grow_grass (1 to 150): make grass tall or short

- prepare_lot: fix required lot objects

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